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ТЭ109 Disellocs ТЭ109 and 2ТЭ109

The Photopage ТЭ109

At the end of 1967. Ворошиловградский the factory has made two skilled six-axis disellocs ТЭ109, having четырехтактные diesel engines and electrical transfer of a переменно-constant current.

Body of a diselloc цельнонесущий; in his(its) design are applied аллюминиевые alloys. Carriages бесчелюстные such as applied on skilled disellocs 2ТЭ10Л, and further on disellocs 2ТЭ10В. The transfer attitude(relation) of a reducer 15:68=1:4,533, the opportunity of application of a reducer with the transfer attitude(relation) 20:63=1:3,15 for use of a diselloc with passenger trains is stipulated. The diselloc is entered in a dimension 02-Т. Length of a diselloc on axes of 20 170 mm, general(common) wheel base of 15 550 mm.

On a diselloc is established V-figurative четырехтактный шестнадцатицилиндровый a diesel engine 1А-5Д49 (16ЧН26/26), having rated power 3000 л. With. At frequency of rotation of the shaft 1000 rev/min. A diameter of cylinders of 260 mm, course of the piston of 260 mm. Is applied газотурбинный pressurization and direct впрыск of fuel. Weight of a diesel engine with поддизельной by a frame (dry) 17500 кгс, charge of fuel at rated power 180 г / (э.л.с.ч).

On a diselloc ТЭ109 for the first time in the Soviet Union the electrical transfer of a переменно-constant current is applied, which project was executed by the Kharkov factory "Электротяжмаш". This transfer allows to have easier and reliable main generator. Тяговый the generator of an alternating current ГС-501А by capacity of 2000 kw with independent excitation and compulsory ventilation represents двенадцатииполюсную the synchronous machine; on статоре of the generator two three-phase windings moved rather each other on are located 30. The winding of a rotor receives a feed(meal) from the activator ВС-650 through the rectifier. The activator has rated power of 26 kw (pressure(voltage) 287 In, current 146 And, frequency of a current 220 Гц at frequency of rotation of a rotor 3300 rev/min), weight of the activator 355 кгс.

For straightening a current the installation УВКТ-2 serves. Each shoulder of the three-phase bridge has ten parallel circuits, in which is included till two gates ВЛ-200-8 consistently. Total of gates 240.

On a diselloc six are established two-port тяговых of electric motors ЭД-112А in rated power 294 kw with the following parameters:
Mode Pressure(voltage), In Current, and Frequency of rotation, rev/min
Long 370 900 440
As much as possible admitted(as much as possible allowed,as much as possible allowable) 700 475 2320

Weight of the electric motor 3000 кгс, ventilation of electric motors - compulsory. Two steps of easing of excitation are stipulated: 57-63 and 35-39 %.

For management of a diselloc the controller КБ-1552, having reversal and main handles serves; the main handle - zero and 15 working positions.

Three fans of a refrigerator, fans of cooling тяговых of electric motors are resulted in rotation by three-phase asynchronous electric motors. The compressor ПК-35М (two-step, двухцилиндровый, submission of air 3,7 м2/mines) is resulted by the electric motor of a constant current. For start-up of a diesel engine both feed(meal) of circuits of management and illumination the стартер-generator СТГ-7 by capacity of 50 kw (pressure(voltage) 110 In, frequency of rotation 1150-3300 rev/min) serves.

The diselloc is valid draft of a long mode 24 600 кгс at speed of 24,2 kms / ч. Constructional speed of 100 kms / ч, weight of a diselloc in working order 120 hardware, stock of fuel of 3480 kg, sand of 450 kg, water of 1250 kg and oil of 1000 kg.

The diselloc is designed for work with passenger trains with the maximal speed of 140 kms / ч (transfer attitude(relation) of a reducer 1: 3,15) and on a track of 1435 mm by replacement of wheel pairs. Disellocs ТЭ109 №001 and 002 in 1968-1969 гг. The comparative tests with a diselloc 2ТЭ40-005 and disellocs 2ТЭ10Л in depot Бельцы of the Одесско-Kishinev road have passed. In identical conditions of work of disellocs ТЭ109 and 2ТЭ40 (worked single секциями) charge of fuel for them was on 9-11 of % less, than at disellocs 2ТЭ10Л.

In October, - November 1969. Ворошиловградский тепловозостроительный a factory by him(it). October revolution has let out two two-section disellocs 2ТЭ109. On a diselloc №001 the diesel engines 2Д70, on a diselloc №002 - diesel engines 1А-5Д49 were established. The diesel engines 2Д70 have identical with diesel engines of disellocs 2ТЭ40 parameters.

The comparative operational tests of these disellocs at work on one section were carried out(spent) in depot Бельцы in the winter 1969-1970 гг., then these disellocs in a two-section kind worked in depot Pechora of Northern road till April, 1971. They spent less fuel in comparison with disellocs 2ТЭ10Л approximately for 14 %. Using experience of creation and operation of disellocs ТЭ109, Ворошиловградский the factory has brought to their design in a number(line) of improvements, built them further for a track of 1435 mm. The skilled disellocs ТЭ109 were used at economic work.

From the book Ракова
" Locomotives and моторвагонный mobile structure of Railways of the Soviet Union. 1966-1975 ", Moscow "Transport" of 1979.

Some external differences ТЭ109 and 2ТЭ109: the lateral glasses of cabins 2ТЭ109, ТЭ109-001 and ТЭ109-002 are a little bit higher, than by serial machines. The average cabins (№2) on 2ТЭ109 had 3 dim flown down for installation of intersection transition.

ТЭ109-001 (was in work till 1988) had numbers written by a paint, and ТЭ109-002 - on black light glasses. And at ТЭ109-002 of number were located under lateral glasses of a cabin, and at serial on the centre of a body in front.

ТЭ109-002 Until recently was in ВНИИТИ in the inhibited condition (body is made), but on native carriages. As against others, it(he) is painted in green colour.

One time ТЭ109-001 and one (битая) section were on ПМС089 Семрино. Now they are written off(copied).

ТЭ109-002 In 1980 was at station Гомель-odd with выбитыми by glasses and inscription on a body " Experimental Is white. ИИЖТ ".

In 1993 on Красноуральском медеплавильном combine (Sverdlovsk province) worked ТЭ109-015, ТЭ109-013 and ТЭ109-021 were written off(copied).

On Североуральских бокситовых mines stood in a "dead" stock ТЭ109-019, ТЭ109-020 and ТЭ109-024. Earlier these disellocs worked on Березовском mine "Уралзолото" under Sverdlovsk.

ТЭ109-016 Till now is in ППЖТ Бокситогорск, and ТЭ109-026 in ППЖТ Пискалево (data of August, 1998). ТЭ109-018 is written off(copied) in ППЖТ Пискалево.

All disellocs of this series were originally painted in "export" variant: a body dark - cherry (ТЭ109-015 - dark blue), sometimes with a surrounding yellow strip on a bottom of a body, roof - grey.

"Локтранс" 5/98

If you have still any interesting items of information on these locomotives or their snapshots, send them to me (Ивану Андрееву), and I shall try them to place on a page with the instruction(indication) of your address.

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